Russell Terriers

About the Russell Terrier


The Russell Terrier was developed in Australia to form the breed we know today. The  Russell and Parson terriers were bred to be working animals, but it is the Parson terrier that was bred as a hunting dog with a higher energy level. The Russell terrier was bred more as a companion dog.  The Russell is a calmer companion,then the Parson terrier, though both breeds have a high prey drive.
The Russell Terrier, Parson Terrier and Jack Russell are all considered different breeds, though related. Both the Russell Terrier and the Parson Terrier are recognized with the Canadian Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club, where the Jack Russell Terrier is not recognized by either registry.  The Russell Terrier was first introduced at the National Dog Show in 2012.
The Russell Terrier and the Jack Russell are 10 – 12 inches tall and weighing between 11 to 15 pounds, both the Russell Terrier and the Jack Russell  have rectangular shaped bodies.  The standard for the Parson Russell is 12 1/2 -15 inches tall and weighing between 13 to 17 pounds and can be recognized by its square shaped body.
Russell Terriers can be a great choice for family or single owner homes, they are fun loving with a good sense of humour, affectionate and loyal.  They are very intelligent but also can be stubborn and energetic at the same time when training. They are confident and would love running on the farm or just as happy snuggling on the couch or your lap, they are very adaptable.  They do require a moderate amount of exercise to be happy. 
They are a big dog wrapped in a small package.  They would be great at being involved in agility, fly-ball, rally, and even lure coursing.  A tired Russell Terrier is a good Russell Terrier.
They come in three different types of coats smooth coats, broken coats and rough coats.  The smooth require minimal grooming with a wipe down where the broken coats and rough coats require a bit more with weekly combing.  All require monthly nail trims and weekly ear checks.  If being shown the broken and rough coat will require stripping their coats to keep them in their best shape.

Russell Terrier standard