The Golden Girls

Pacificgold’s Last Of A Legacy “Legacy”  (retired)

Legacy’s Pedigree


Legacy is a very special girl, she is my last golden I bred before retiring from breeding goldens.  I had tried to breed her mom Skye three other times but she never took. I thought before I spay her I would try one more time.  She was bred to Kenny.  She was pregnant. 🙂 She only had two puppies via a c-section, one was a 4oz male puppy and the other was a 16oz little girl, Legacy.  Unfortunately the little male only made it to a week old and we lost him, he was so tiny and weak and though a fighter just could not make it.  Skye ended up not having much milk even for a singleton puppy so Legacy had to be tube fed every two hours for the first two weeks and then bottle fed every 3 to 4 hours for another two weeks before getting on to puppy food.
During this time she came to work with me every day from the time she was 12 hours old, my bosses were terrific, letting me bring her with me and to stop and feed her every couple of hours.  She continued to come to work with me until she was almost a year old.   Everyone that I work with has helped in raising her whether it was feeding her, giving her lots of snuggles and cuddles, and later walks when she was old enough.  It has been a team effort to raise this special little girl.  All of the regular customers know who she is and ask for her by name, even when we go for our walks around town they recognize her and have to come and say hi.  Though she stays home now customers still ask about her. This was all during covid she helped us all to make it through those tough times at work.
She is a very special girl and has become the full time house dog with Rachel, they are best friends.  It has been fun to watch them interact, when they started Legacy was only 5 weeks and smaller than Rachel now she is much bigger so tables are turned, Rachel was the one being the boss and stealing all the toys now tables have turned and Legacy is able to snatch toys from her and though bigger she always keeps herself on equal playing field with Rachel.


Pacificgold’s Indian Summer  “Skye”  (retired)


Pacificgold’s All That Glitters  “Glitter”  (retired)


Pacificgold’s Bristol Creme   “Bristol”  (retired)