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Updated  May 1, 2024

  I did not think I would find a breed I love as much as my goldens but these little guys (Russell terriers) are right up there.
 Born October 31, 2023Puppies 2 weeks old
Am.Can.Ch.Poole’s Ide Foxfield A Little Bit More  X  DBF’s Garland Of Roses
  Morley and Rachel pedigree October 2023                        



Up Coming Litters -no litters planned at this time

——–Golden Retrievers——–

I am sad to say that I am no longer breeding Golden Retrievers.  If you are looking for a golden retriever to add to your family I suggest you to contact The Golden Retriever Club of BC, The Golden Retriever Club of Canada or The Golden Retriever Club of Evergreen (Washington state).  All of these clubs will have a list of breeders who currently have puppies or up coming litters available, which will be located on their websites with contact information.
I love the breed and have been grateful for everyone I have met over the 40 years with regards to puppy owners.  I have to be honest and say I am not happy where the breed is going. I have heard a breeder and also a breeder that is a veterinarian say that they would rather have a pretty winning dog live for 7 years than a ordinary dog live for 12 years. They are all beautiful but please as responsible breeders aim for longevity and health, make this your priority.
Everyone needs to work towards betterment of this breed, in fact all breeds with regards to improving on health issues and longevity, 8 to 9 years is way too young for this wonderful breed to be dying, most of it with cancer.  No matter what a breeder tells you all lines have cancer and hereditary issues it is what the breeder chooses to do with the knowledge of their pedigrees when choosing a breeding that makes the difference.  I see so many breeders that are breeding for the show ring and going to the dogs that have had a big win in the show ring no matter the issues that might be in the pedigree of some of those dogs that are not a good match for their dog.  I am not saying that top winning dogs are to be avoided when breeding but rather just make sure it is the best match for your dog with regards to health, temperament and longevity and just not to breed to a dog based on its winning in the ring.  Just because a dog is registered with CKC and being shown does not mean all clearances have been done.
Cherish this wonderful breed, the golden retriever. Before buying do your homework on the parents, both the sire and the dam before making the decision that this is the right breeder and puppy for you.  Don’t make a rush decision as this will be a hopefully long, healthy, loving relationship with a new family member.  Remember if there is something you are questioning find out the answers or wait for another litter or breeder.
I will be leaving information on my site for anyone looking for a new Golden puppy (any puppy) and questions they should be asking before taking that next big step in adding a new furry friend to your family.


   When calling about Russell puppies or dogs please leave your name, phone number and day you called with a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please don’t call or email with a message like, “do you have any puppies and how much are they”, all this information is on this website, and mostly my dogs and puppies are family members and I am not breeding to just push out puppies, I like new potential puppy owners to show more interest.
Please take the time to read the information on the web site,  many of your questions will be answered on the site.  You will also find a copy of our contract that all the puppies are sold on linked off this page.
Thank you

  We place our puppies into family/companion homes where they will be required to be spayed or neutered as per our contract. On occasion we will consider a co-ownership if dog may possibly be bred or shown.
A completed puppy application and deposit will hold a puppy for you in our current litter but  unfortunately things happen sometimes beyond our control where a puppy might not be available at the time they are ready to leave in that case your full deposit for that litter will be returned immediately, otherwise it is non-refundable.  We do not take deposits until after the puppies are born.
We also require that if you live within BC that you try to make at least one visit to meet the puppies and us prior to the puppy heading off to his or hers  new home.  We realize that if you live out of the province this is not always possible so when the day comes to pick up your new puppy we will want to spend at least a few hours visiting and getting to know you and you us and talking about your new puppy so please allow for this.  We need to feel that you have made the right decision and have the time to spend raising your new puppy after all this is a life long commitment.
Our Russell puppies are placed for $2500.00 which includes the $500.00 deposit that is required once the puppies are born along with the completed puppy application. Puppies will only be held in our available litter with the completed form and deposit.
Each puppy when heading home will come with his or hers first veterinarian check up, first vaccinations, micro chipped, has been dewormed three to four times, complete puppy package which includes information on feeding, diet, grooming, house training, crate training and some basic puppy training. Also vaccination book, information for registering puppy with your name with regards to the microchip.  We also send home food that they are currently on and toys.  Pictures of mom and dad and the puppy and litter mates, along with their pedigree.
Our goal with this web site is to educate you on finding the best puppy for your home and to share our knowledge we have learned over the past 40 years that will help you and your new puppy adjust easily.   Please take the time to read the information supplied on this web site and to view the links as there is a lot of information and articles that may help to answer many of your questions as well as to help you make the right decision if this is the breed for your family.
We here at Pacificgold make the final decision on which home each of the puppies will be placed into when leaving to his or hers new home, it is a decision made on matching the right puppy up with the right home with regards to his or hers temperament and personality and how the new owners lifestyle will fit that individual puppy’s personality.  Therefor there is no such thing as the last pick puppy.   We encourage the new puppy owners to come for visits once the puppies are 4 or 5 weeks old and we will listen to your input on which puppies you like but please remember WE still will make the final decision on where each puppy will be placed.
We require a fully fenced in yard or a secure run to house them in when they are out side with or without supervision, they must never be allowed to run loose at anytime.  They must be part of the family and be allow in the house to have the human contact that they so desire.  They love to be with people.
          Email is the best way to contact us initially or if this is not possible then we can be contacted at 250-738-1101 after 7:30 pm is the best time to reach us, best days are Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.  I do work full time, breeding and raising puppies are a hobby for me and not my living so be patient with me in getting back to you on emails and phone calls.
              Thank you for the interest in one of our puppies, if you require any more information please feel free to call us.