AM.CAN.CH.Pacificgold’s Bavarian Cobbler


November 9, 1999 – December 23, 2009
(limited frozen semen available)
Trevor’s Pedigree
OFA hips “Good”, OFA elbows “Normal”, Ophthalmologist report (April 2008) and OFA Cardiologist report “Normal”
“Trevor” was a very athletic dog and covered the ground with ease when moving. He had a excellent front and rear assembly, strong top line and good depth of body. He carried a moderate rich gold coat with cream coloured furnishings. His personality was like his grandfather “Brooks” easy to live with a “True Golden Temperament”.
In very limited showing in 2002 (Beginning of June 2002 to Mid November 2002) Trevor ended the year as the #3 Golden in Canada and the #1 Golden owned and bred in Western Canada for the same year. In very limited showing in Canada for 2003 and 2004 Trevor was consistently winning the breed and placing in the Group over some of the country’s top winning Golden’s. He was awarded a JAM at the GRCBC Specialty in July 2004 and the next day was BOB at the All Retriever Specialty under Harold Falberg.  In October 2004 he was entered two days, he won the breed both days on to two Group Ones and on the Saturday was Best in Show with an entry of over 1400 dogs (as of 2016 this is still the largest dog show in the Canada), we are proud of this boy. Trevor ended the year (2004) as the #3 Golden in Canada, #1 Golden owner handled, all this in only 14 days of showing this year. 
I am also proud of his litter mates, his sister “Misty” Pacificgold’s Misty Mocha Parfait has earned her American CDX NAJ CGC. “Halo” Pacificgold’s Angelica Parfait was a Best Puppy in Show winner and Trevor’s brother “Bru” , Can.Ph.Ch.Pacificgold’s Creme Brulee’ completed his Canadian championship in short order, he then travelled to his new home in the Philippines with Michael and Christine Aldeguer where on his first time in the show ring he was BOB and onto a Group One!! On Bru’s second weekend out he completes his Philippine championship with two Runner-up Best in Shows! In November 2002 at the age of 3 Bru won his first BIS in the Philippines owner-handled, making this now 2 littermates from this breeding with BIS’s. Bru received another Best In Show therefore earning the 100 points needed to complete his SDHF in the Philippines, this was done completely owner handled by Christine and Michael.
I am proud of Trevor’s offspring and all their accomplishments in the show and obedience rings. At the 2002 Sporting Dog Spectacular Specialties, his son “Jasper” Pacificgold’s Maple Leaf Bear was Best in Sweeps at the Golden Retriever Club of BC Specialty and the All Retriever Specialty, he also was WD at the All Retriever Specialty and BOW/BP at the Sporting Dog Club Specialty for 10 points. Jasper completed his championship in August of 2002 with a 5 point BOW/Puppy Group all before the age of 11 months. Jasper’s first trip south of the border was a successful one with him going onto a 4 point major reserve at the Evergreen Golden Retriever Club Specialty from the 9 – 12 month class.
At the Sporting Dog Spectacular Specialties as above Jasper’s sister “Aspen” was BOW and BP at the Golden Retriever Specialty for 5 points, she then stayed home to grow up and on her first weekend out as an open bitch picked up two BOW/BOS to complete her championship in Canada. Out of the repeat breeding that produced Aspen and Jasper, younger litter sister Lanta completed her Canadian championship from the puppy classes and is a Multiple Best in Match winner from the puppy classes. And brother Duke on his debut in California was BOB and onto a Group Three at his first match.


With limit showing Trevor accomplished the following:
#1 owner handled Golden in Canada for 2004, #3 Golden in Canada overall (shown only 3 weekends)
Best in Show at Canada’s largest dog show October 2004 – entry of 1400+
JAM at the 2004 GRCA National in Malibu California – owner handled
Winners Dog at the 2003 GRCA Western Regional Specialty (5pts)
Completed US championship with three majors in 13 days of showing – owner handled
#1 Golden in Western Canada, #4 Golden In Canada for 2002 (shown only 9 weekends)
Multiple Canadian Best In Show Winner
Multiple Canadian Best In Specialty Winner
SDHF in Canada
11 Sporting Group One’s
Multiple other Group Placements
Top Show puppy for the Golden Retriever Club of Canada 2000
Top Golden Retriever Puppy in Canada 2000
Top Show Puppy for the Golden Retriever Club of BC 2000
13 Best Puppy in Groups
4 Best Puppy in Shows
3 Best of Breeds over specials from the senior puppy class
RWD and Best Puppy Golden Retriever Club of BC Specialty
RWD and Best Puppy in Breed All-Retriever Club Specialty
RWD and Best Puppy in Breed Sporting Dog
4 All-Breed Best in Sweepstakes
Runner-up Golden Retrievers Club of BC Sweepstakes


Trevor’s first couple of trips south of the border proved to be very successful ones. His first US ring debut was the 2000 GRCA National in St.Louis, nothing like starting at the top. 🙂 Trevor was first in his 9 to 12 month sweepstakes class with an entry of 25 puppies, under Judge Eric Strickland, he then went on to Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes under breeder-judge Debbie Berry. Trevor also won his 9 to 12 month regular class under judge Richard Beauchamp, with an entry of 31 puppies. He was breeder, owner handled to all these wins.
Trevor’s second trip to the US was to the 2001 GRCA National Specialty in New Mexico, a year ago since his last visit south of the border. We are proud to say he was second in the Bred-By Exhibitor Class, under breeder-judge Nancy Talbot.
We decided to then wait for Trevor to grow up before finishing his US championship. In August 2003 we took him to the GRCA Western Regional were he was Winners Dog for 5 points, his first points and first major. In September he was out again going WD both days at Gig Harbor for a couple more points. January 2004 we headed to the Puyallup shows were he was third in his class the first day, second day saw him go WD/BOW/BOB for a 4 point major and then the following day he was WD/BOW for another 4 point major to complete his championship. In only 13 days of showing he completed his championship with 15 points – 3 majors.


We would like to congratulate the following Trevor kids on their accomplishments:
Ambervale Waitnfr Th 19th Hole Am TDX Can TD Am/Can RN
Can.Ch.Pacificgold’s Maple Leaf Bear “Jasper” – Multiple Best in Sweepstakes winner (at 3 specialties), WD All Retriever Specialty (9 – 12 month class), BOW/BP Sporting Dog Specialty (9 – 12 month class), Canadian championship in only 4 days of showing, RWD (4 pt. major reserve) Evergreen Golden Retriever Club Specialty (9 – 12 month class) 1st time shown in the US
Can.Ch.Cairnton’s Off Axis “Mobius”
Can.Ch.Ambervale Watch And Wait “Reo” – Specialty Winners Dog (judge: Nancy Talbot)
Can.Ch.Goldfield’s Milsean CD “Sean” – completed championship from the puppy classes with three BOW’s, Runner-up Best in Sweepstakes from the junior puppy class, Best in Sweepstakes at the GRCBC Specialty. He completed his CD with three High In Classes.
Can.Ch.Playtime’s Just For The Halibut “Teddy”
Can.Pacificgold’s Fly U To The Moon “Rocket”
Pacificgold’s Just Cause “Duke” – multiple class wins in the US from the puppy classes, pointed in Canada
Can.Ch.Pacificgold’s She’s Bear E Cute “Aspen” – WB/BOW/BP at the 2000 Golden Retriever Club of BC Specialty from the 9 to 12 month class, multiple Sweepstakes wins
Can.Ch.Pacificgold’s Caught U Looking “Kitty” – BOB from the classes
Can.Ch.Pacificgold’s Just One Look “Lanta” – Multiple Best in Match/Best Puppy in Match wins, Puppy Group winner, finished in Canada at 9 months from the puppy classes, handled by her co-owner/junior handler Kimberley Johnson
Can.Ch.Ambervale Wait For The Gold “Jamie” – specialty class wins
Can.Ch.Ambervale Hurry Up And Wait “Sara” – Search And Rescue Dog
Can.Ch.Playtime’s A Dream Perch Ance “Sonora” – Multiple Puppy Group wins (pictured in her summer undies) BOW two days and WB one day to complete her championship in a weekend
Can.Ch.Kleanza’s Rise Again “Phoenix”- RWB at the 2004 GRCBC Specialty
Can.Ch.Goodtime’s Sucre a la Creme – Best Puppy in Group Winner, multiple Best Puppy in Breed winner, BOB and Group Four from the classes
Am.Ch.Goodtime’s Peach Melba “Georgia”