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–  Articles and information on how we can help our pets and family members to live a happier and healthier life.  With regards to why not to over vaccinate, doing vaccines every three years after the initial puppy vaccines, they do not require them every year.  Every year can weaken their immune system and it is not necessary. Also why not to spay or neuter early, waiting until they are fully mature is much safer and healthier for them.
–  You will also find articles on breeders that advertise their dogs as White Golden Retrievers or rare Creme or English Creme Golden Retrievers,  a Golden is a Golden, there is no breed as a white or rare “creme” golden.  Yes you can have a golden very light in colour but it is still a golden.  Don’t get fooled when they say they are healthier than other goldens all lines of the breed can have issues it  does not matter whether they are white, cream, golden or dark red, you need to do your research and do not get pulled into false advertising.  Golden’s descended from the same dogs, you can find dogs that are very light in colour to a dark rich gold in American, Canadian or European lines , you should never base your decision on buying a dog or puppy based on colour alone, health and temperament should always be your first priority when making your decision.
 –  Also educating your self on the “miniature” golden, it is a cross breed with usually golden retriever and spaniel, so now there are health issues from both of the different breeds so make sure the breeder is doing all the proper clearances with regards to each of the breeds.
–  Lastly you will find articles on the  “Designer” dogs, like the Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Bernadoodle and many more and why the breeder that started the fad now regrets it.
Please watch the video below put out by the Golden Retriever Club of America on what a responsible breeder is.