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 Below you will find ****links with information to help educate and give you more  information on how to raise your puppy or dog to be healthier and happier, to help you make the decision if you are ready for a new puppy or dog to join your family and if so, is the Golden Retriever or Russell Terrier the right dog for your home.
Also a couple of suggestions on books you can purchase and a video to rent prior to bringing your new puppy home to help make this new adjustment to all more smooth.
 Please take the time to look at these links
 snow pups 7       Information below on why you should not be vaccinating  yearly and only vaccinate for what is needed.  Please find a veterinarian that feels there is no need to be vaccinating every year, if you feel you want to go and see your veterinarian on a yearly bases for a “wellness exam” that is fine but there is no need to vaccinate every year, it can compromise and weaken their immune system.
**** Vaccinations – why less is better
****Unnecessary vaccinations
****The risk of the Leptoposrosis vaccine
 Below are information links for articles about why we encourage you to neuter or spay later in age, we prefer the girls to be 11 months or even have one season and the males to be neutered between 18 and 24 months.  Early spay and neuters are linked to early cancer and orthopedic problems.
****Why we recommend NOT to spay or neuter early
****Healthier for our pets to wait to spay or neuter
paisley, oscar and kesler      You will have to sign in to this web site to view the information.  Once signed in go to the “Useful Info” page you will find articles about early spay and neutering, maintaining a healthy weight and why we do not remove dewclaws.
****Canine Sports Information
trevor malibu 3 weeks 11     The link below explains why we do not sell two puppies from the same litter to a home or why we encourage families to not get two puppies close in age rather to space them at  least 2 to 3 years apart.  Apart from what is mentioned in the below article the other reason for not having two dogs from the same litter or close in age is there is a good chance you will lose them both to old age close together bringing more heart ache.  We recommend to space them about 3 to 4 years apart.
****Why it is not advisable to buy two litter mates or even two puppies close in age
 The link below is information on those who breed for color first,  rather putting health and temperament first which for us is far more important and also that there is no such breed as a “Rare Creme Golden Retriever”.  All goldens started with the same lineages, same dogs and though have adapted different looks and styles depending the country or area they are from they are all the same…a Golden Retriever.  Breeders that put huge price tags on their puppies because of color are for the most part in my opinion not caretakers of our breed.  Though I have a wide variety of color in my puppies/dogs I am hoping all new puppy owners put first when looking for a new family member health and temperament and not color.
****Please do not buy your puppy or dog based on color alone – no such thing as a “creme” Golden

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   Below is a link to information on asking yourself if you are ready for a new puppy to join your family and if the Golden Retriever is the breed for you and your family.  A Golden requires lots of exercise, can dig and chew and yes they do shed all year round, so if any of this is not what you are looking for then this is not the breed for you.
****Are you ready for a new puppy to join your family – Is the Golden Retriever the right dog for you
I am all in favour of adopting from LOCAL rescues whether it is a purebred or crossbred, what I am against is the breeders that come up with these “designer” breed puppies and give them a fancy designer name, then charging ridiculous prices, many with no clearances done on either of the parents and knowing that with a crossbreed you are now taking the good but also the bad genes and traits of both the parents, so more clearances should be done prior to breeding.   I have found most do not do them and are not informing the new owners of the problems that can occur, or are saying my vet says they are fine, they should be using the proper veterinarians specializing in Eye and Heart clearances not just their regular vets for the clearances.  And though the Hips and Elbows can be done through your regular veterinarian the x-rays then should then be sent to the OFA to have them properly graded by three different radiologists.  Please do your homework and research BEFORE buying and bringing that new puppy or dog home, after all it is a life long commitment.  Ask to see the clearances on the parents of the litter and also a copy of the contract the puppy will be sold on so you know all up front what is expected or you and what you can expect from your breeder.
You can call it a Goldendoodle, Labradoodle,  Puggle, Bernerdoodle, Miniature Golden, Cock-A-Poo, but it still is just a crossbreed. If you are going to want one please please do your homework and make sure that the breeders that are selling these dogs have done all the clearances on them that pertains to ALL breeds in the new puppy, ask to see the clearances, do your homework to know what clearances should be done. They may say a cross breed is healthier than a purebred but they are not, so you still have to make sure all clearances are done.   If you really want one of these dogs and are going to spend the money as with a purebred why not expect the same with regards to health, temperaments, clearances and a contract to cover yourself and the should want it to cover them and the puppy they are selling breeder.
The article below is written by the breeder who first started the “doodle” rage.
****Man who created the “doodle” regrets the breed
 Two books that we recommend that you purchase prior to bringing your new puppy home.
  • Golden Retrievers For Dummies for Golden owners
  • How To Raise A Puppy You Can Live With by Rutherford and O’Neill
A excellent CD/|Video to also either purchase or rent from your local library is
  • Sirius Puppy Training by Dr.Ian Dunbar (there are more by him but this is the one I would recommend to start with)