DBF Garland of Roses


(Am.Ch.DBF Ivanhoe X DBF Blanket of Roses)

(Russell Terrier)

Breeder – Candace Lundin and Nita Bitner

I was excited to have Rachael join me this past May.  She arrived at 7 months of age and fit right in, well except for the cat and her, we are still working on that 🙂 She lives life to the fullest with her thinking that her main job is keeping all the squirrels and rabbits off the acreage.

Rachel is a Baby Puppy Group winner and multi Baby Puppy Group Placer in the US.  At her first weekend of shows in Canada she gets a:

Best in All Breed Match Thursday night

then at the Port Alberni Dog Shows the following days she goes:

BOB/WB/BP, Group Four and Best Puppy in Group

BOB/BOW/BP, Best Puppy in Group and  Best Puppy in Show


I am very proud of Rachel on her first weekend out.  She will now be home for a while to grow up.


How was I suppose to know that the couch was not a big stuffie, it is just a little hole

Russell Terrier standard