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Updated June 15, 2020


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Please before calling or emailing take some time to go over the web site as most of the questions you may have are answered on this site, example cost of puppies, when our next litter will be and availability of puppies now or from the next litter. All this information is on the web site. If I get an email that just states “how much are your puppies”, “do you have any puppies right now” ( I breed one maybe two litters a year, I am not a puppy mill and constantly have puppies available), “do you breed the rare creme goldens” (colour should be the last thing you should be looking for in a new puppy, health and temperament should be first, there is no such thing as a creme golden, a golden is a golden whether light coloured or dark coloured, breeders selling the “rare creme goldens” use this as a selling tactic to add more to the price of the golden), I have colours ranging from very light golden to dark golden all are sold at the same price, we also do not breed miniature goldens, there is no such breed, it is a cross with a golden and spaniel and sometimes one other breed.

   I get many many calls and emails a day so I do keep my site updated and have lots of information on it that will help to answer many of your questions, if you are serious please take the time to fill out a form before contacting us.

Thank you.  I do work four days a week out side the home, breeding is not a business for me it is my hobby, my passion.  So I sometimes do not get back to calls and emails for a few days.

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Carol Morrison

Qualicum Beach, BC  on Vancouver Island

British Columbia, Canada

(Previously located in Victoria, BC  (Highlands) for 30 +years)

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The best time to reach us is between 8:30 and 9:30pm  Sunday through Tuesday evenings

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